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Tim has a pleasant friendly and professional manner which immediately put me at ease. This being so I became confident to ask questions that revealed my ignorance and vulnerability in the financial services field and the ever-changing complexities of superannuation. I very much appreciate Tim’s patient explanations of various options available together with his enthusiasm and dedication to bringing about the best possible outcome for his client.

Marian K.

Neil J.

Walked into TNSFG for a simple review. Tim out of the blue explained the potential impact of estate tax. Unknown to me that will mean up to $30,000 -$40,000 saved from the ATO upon my demise.


The action required was carefully explained and charted in an easy to understand diagram. The solution was easily achieved (by TNSFG) and offered a superior investment model without significant costs.


Furthermore, there was no compromise of our investment philosophy or risk profile meaning we retained most of the previous investments.


We are extremely pleased with the outcome and delighted by the professional treatment we received.

I have found Tim to have a warm personality with a good sense of humour and is a pleasure to deal with, nothing you ask is ever too much trouble for him, he gives sound advice and is very knowledgeable when it comes to offering different avenues in your best interest for investments and retirement. Tim’s communication skills are excellent which helps me in understanding the investment plans and keeping up to date with changes in government legislation. Whenever you have an interview he knows your personal details well and what goals you have. I would highly recommend Tim Archer to any of my friends as a Financial Advisor.

Jim W.

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