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We are a team passionate about helping you reach your goals. 

On top of that, we know that money is of HUGE importance in your life, and it is imperative that we get to know you on a personal level so we can provide the best possible advice and support. 

We are team orientated, family orientated, and here because we want to be, not because we have to be. Here is a bit about each of us: 


Lucija (Lucy) Saric
Financial Planner

About Lucy... 

Lucija (Lucy) is an Authorised Representative of Count and member of the Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA) with over 20 years experience in financial planning and advice.  

Lucy holds academic qualifications in IT and financial planning. Her current role is to work directly with clients to attain the best possible outcome for their situation and her areas of speciality include pre and post retirement planning, Centrelink and aged care.

3 interesting facts about Lucy... 

one: I read The Da Vinci Code in a day. 

I’d bought the illustrated version for my husband for Christmas.  It was my birthday a week or so after and while I hadn’t set out to read it, I was hooked by the short chapters by the time I finished breakfast.  I was home alone as I was still on annual leave but my husband had gone back to work.  I had only planned to read a few more chapters after breakfast to find out what happened next.  By midday, I’d resolved to keep going and finished it about 10pm that night. 


two: I have a cookbook/food magazine obsession.

I love trying new recipes.  Friends, family and work colleagues are all used to being my test guinea pigs. 

I have the entire collection of delicious. magazine.  While I love the paper version, for storage reasons, I switched to a digital subscription after the first 150 issues.  My favourite kitchen toys are my two Thermomixes, which happen to be named George and Mildred. 

three: I lived in Croatia in the late 90’s. 

Everyone in my family apart from me was born in Croatia.  One of my favourite memories from my time there is after Croatia beat Germany 3-0 to reach the semi-finals in their first World Cup appearance as a sovereign nation in France 1998.  After the game finished, virtually the whole population of Zagreb spilled out onto the streets.  Everybody was in a great mood, high-fiving everyone they walked past.  You couldn’t help but be caught up in the carnival-like atmosphere that surrounded the entire tournament.  Although they placed third that year, they were welcomed home like heroes but it pales in comparison to the homecoming after placing second in Russia 2018.

Lucy Saric, Lucija Saric, Financial Planner The Next Step

Trent Logue
Financial Planner 


About Trent... 

Coming soon.....


Kylie Daniel
Administrative Assistant


About Kylie... 

More information about Kylie coming soon.


Roger Schnelle

Roger Schnelle, The Next Step

Although Roger sadly passed away in April 2021, without him, The Next Step Financial Group wouldn’t exist.


Roger had over 40 years’ experience in the provision of financial/accounting advice. In July 2001 he went out on his own starting his own accounting firm, Schnelle Partners Pty Ltd.  He then decided to expand into financial planning as he believed this would benefit his clients, acquiring The Next Step Financial Group in 2010.


Roger was generous and very community focused. He also had many talents, playing guitar and piano, he was a handy golfer with a single figure handicap and a very decent runner. But most of all he was one of the best bosses any of his staff have ever had (for so many reasons).


He will always be remembered.

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