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Let's achieve that dream you have!

We believe that the reason some of us don't reach our goals is that there is a lack of understanding between a dream and a goal.

You may have a dream to retire comfortably but have no plan of what steps you have to take in the short-term to make that dream a reality.

To help with this, we recommend using SMART goals which are:

SPECIFIC - what do you want to achieve?

MEASUREABLE - how will you know when you have achieved this goal?

ACTIONABLE - what steps will you take to achieve it?

REALISTIC - is it possible to achieve the goal in the alloted time if you take the steps you have outlined?

TIME BOUND - by when do yo want to achieve this goal?

Using this to write your goals will give you much more chance of reaching them, whether they are personal goals like weight-loss, or financial goals.

An example of a financial goal is that you may want to achieve is to "pay off debt". The goal should be a lot more specific and SMART, for example "I will pay off the Mastercard by 30th September by paying off an extra $200 per month onto the card".

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Take the time to think about what your longer-term dreams are and write them down

2. Determine what short-term goals you need to achieve to make this a reality

3. Make each goal a SMART goal

4. Track your progress monthly and adjust as necessary

5. Talk to us if you need any guidance or accountability


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General Advice Warning

This document contains general advice. It does not take account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider talking to a Financial Adviser before making a financial decision.


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