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Avoid a Christmas Hangover

Yes, there is now only one month to Christmas – scary isn’t it!

To avoid a budget blow-out and Christmas (financial) hangover, it is definitely best to start planning for Christmas early, however it’s never too late to get started being organised!

Food, Drinks plus more!

Make a list of everything you will need for your Christmas festivities. Don’t just include food and drinks, but remember things like extra toilet paper.

When doing this remember that Christmas is only one day (or sometimes drags out a bit longer!) you don’t need to blow out your whole budget on this.

Start looking for these items now!

If you add a small bit each week to your weekly shopping, your budget won’t blow out in just week leading up to Christmas. This also gives you the opportunity to find things on sale and stock up.

Who do you need to buy for?

Make a list of everyone you need to buy for.

Don’t forget about the extra little ones that also add up. What about Kris Kringle at work and the small gifts for the neighbours…

Things that are typically given for presents will generally not be on sale in the week leading up to Christmas. Therefore you can certainly save money by being more organised and buying earlier in the year to grab them for a bargain!

If you buy gifts during the year as you see them on sale – this is a great way to stock up the Christmas cupboard. Just remember to check what you have in there regularly, as I often forget then still buy something else and that clearly defeats the purpose!

Consider hand making some gifts if you have time. The thought is very much appreciated...

How about consider a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle with your family members. You can set a limit on the amount spent and overall you will spend a lot less money.

Or what about only buying for the kids in the family(s). How often do you struggle buying a gift for someone because they already have everything they need. Are you buying something just for the sake of buying something? Then perhaps you no longer need to buy gifts for each other and just get something for the kids….?!

Don’t forget the small things

Also try and buy wrapping paper, gift tags, cards and sticky tape early. You don’t want to be rushing to the supermarket at the last minute to find they have none left!

Wrapping paper tips:

Unless you’re a super saver and save all the used wrapping paper, just buy the cheap stuff – it can still look quite fancy if done creatively.

What about using newspaper and finish off with a lovely red ribbon?

Recycle the kids artwork (not into the recycle bin) but for use as gift paper

If you do prefer to wrap in something nice, use a gift box or gift bag that can at least be re-used.


If you are home over the holidays you may find that you are using more electricity than normal so accommodate for that in your budget.

If you are not going to be home over the holiday break – make sure all power points are turned off so that there is no chance of unnecessary costs. It all adds up!

FINALLY, make 2018 Christmas the best yet! So now is definitely also the time to make sure you are prepared financially for next year.

Now you have more of an idea of what the festive season actually costs you – divide that total cost by 11 months and start saving in January next year so the money is there for next year. That will certainly save a Christmas hangover (unless you overdo it on the champagne!)

FINALLY, if you need some assistance with budgeting and controlling your cash in 2019 - get in contact with us for an initial chat!


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